São José dos Campos

Capital of Paraiba Valley

Paraiba Valley is a geographical region located between the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, two of the biggest production and consumption Brazilian centers. It encompasses 39 cities with over 3 million inhabitants.
São José dos Campos is its most important city, known as the Capital of the Valley, located 94 km from São Paulo city. It is a renowned technological and industrial hub, the biggest center of research and output of science and high technology in Brazil.
The city is the 4th largest exporter and was elected the 2nd most innovative city in Brazil. The region is the 2nd largest GDP in the country. In 2018, its population was estimated by IBGE in 713,943 inhabitants.

Technology Park of São José dos Campos

The forum shall be held at the Technology Park of São José dos Campos, Brazil’s largest Innovation Entrepreneurship Cluster.

The Technology Park is installed in an area of 1.2 million m2, its facilities have 188,000 m2 of floor area.
Approximately 9,200 people transit in this space everyday. There are 145 resident and 350 associated companies, 5 universities and 4 Science and Technology Institutes.
Its convention center has a modern and multifunctional space with rooms and auditoriums for conferences, workshops, seminars and also a large exhibition outdoors area.

Logistics information

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